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Pomors, Arkhangelsk


School 55, Arkhangelsk

Our team is called “Pomors” because our ancestors settled the coast of the White Sea long ago and now our city is situated on the both banks of the wide Northern Dvina River. Their life was connected with the sea and sea fishing. Pomors were masterful shipbuilders and mariners. During their navigation they fished, hunted seals and pearled. We are very proud of our strong, fearless and hardy ancestors and would like to tell you about their culture and traditions.

Our team “Pomors”  includes motivated, curious, active and sociable students. We like working together and broaden the circle of our friends and knowledge.

3rd round Pomor's Arkhangelsk
21/22 2nd round Pomor's Arkhangelsk
21/22 1 st round Pomor's Arkhangelsk
20/21 3rd round Pomor's Arkhangelsk
20/21 2nd round Pomor's Arkhangelsk
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