EST-VA knights, Narva


Narva is the third largest city in Estonia, which is located at the eastern extreme point of Estonia. In this beautiful border town is situated a historic building — Narva Kesklinna Gymnasium. This school was built in 1950 and it is one of the oldest schools in Narva. The school’s motto is “From success at school to success in life”. Teachers and students are trying to follow its motto strictly.The most important missions of the school are to create the learning environment that contributes to the development of the students’ abilities and to provide competitive education that allows students to become a member of society who have an understanding of their future roles and who are willing to continue their studies in the following level of education.


Our students take an active part in different projects, attend hobby clubs and study in language immersion classes. In our team „EST-VA Knights“ are the best representatives of the 8D grade, which is the class of English language immersion.  They study most of the subjects in English, such as Physical Education, Human Studies, Music and Technology. These talented, active and creative students are Kirill, Ekaterina, Kristina, Ivan and Anna. They participate in many projects and Olympiads, study French, Estonian and English, go to the Art school and attend sports clubs. We are very happy to join the International Olympiad “Cultural Crossroads”, present Estonian nation and our motherland, get knowledge of other countries, gain new experience and practice English