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Baltika, Tikhvin

Логотип Балтика.jpg

Team "Baltika" - representatives of the school regional study club. The children have been studying the history and culture of the Tikhvin region for many years. Since 2018, one of the activities of the club has been the study of the culture of small peoples of the Leningrad Region. Since ancient times, Vepsians and Karelians have lived on the territory of the Tikhvin region. These small nations left an important trace in the history of Russia. We, the Baltika team, stand guard over the cultural heritage of our small homeland. And now our time to leave its mark on the history of the Tikhvin region.

3rd round Baltika Tikhvin
21/22 2nd round Baltika Tikhvin
21/22 1st round Baltika
20/21 3rd round Baltika Tikhvin
20/21 dialogue on the 1st round Tihvin Murmansk
20/21 dialogue on the 1st round Narva Tihvin
20/21 2nd round Baltika Tikhvin
20/21 1st round Baltika Tikhvin
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