This project will help to understand the common values of adolescents in the northern region, to expand their ideas about European cultural values. It will be realized from 2019 to 2021.

The main event is the Olympiad. The participants are the teams of students aged 14, 15, 16 (five students in each age group), presenting one organization of the region.

The Olympiad takes place on an online platform.

The Olympiad is held in three rounds:

1st round - "Storytelling" for teams of 14-year-olds. The task is to tell a story about an artifact of the local history Museum.

2nd round - “TED Talk” for teams of 15 year olds. The task is to interpret the video created in the 1st round by the team from another region and present the video in the TED-performance format.

3rd round - "Social-Stories" for teams of 16-year-olds. The task is to play and shoot a video lesson on any social science topic, in which the team members play the role of students from different regions and different countries.

The objective is to help teenagers from the Northwestern regions of Russia and the Nordic countries and Baltic Region of Europe gain experience in intercultural communication through participating in the international distance Olympiad.

The implementing body is Karelian Regional Public Charity organization "Fund of development of Petrovskaya school", and it involves partners from Norway, Finland, Estonia, Sweden.

“Cultural Crossroads”:

International Olympiad on intercultural interaction.